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Pashinyan intends to retain power at any cost

Pashinyan intends to retain power at any cost

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan does not intend to resign amid the events in Karabakh and intends to retain power at any cost.

During the protests on Wednesday, the chairman of the Armenian Cabinet gathered his closest associates and informed them about this, according to the material of the Hraparak newspaper.

“Yesterday evening, when thousands of citizens protested for the salvation of Artsakh on Republic Square, demanding Pashinyan’s resignation, Nikol Pashinyan gathered a circle of his closest associates and spent the whole night with them,” the message says. “He told the team, perhaps not directly, that he would not give up power, but would retain it at any cost.”

It is noted that the politician sent his family to Lake Sevan.

According to the publication, despite the fact that large-scale protests took place in the capital of Armenia yesterday and increased police presence was required, the government, having seen that the first wave had subsided, was confident that it would be possible to do without serious incidents.

At the same time, the Armenian opposition announced the day before the creation of a National Committee to remove Pashinyan from power.

The day before, Azerbaijan began launching attacks on the territory of the unrecognized republic. According to the Azerbaijani side, this was preceded by artillery shelling of the positions of Azerbaijani forces. The Armenian Ministry of Defense denied this information.

On Wednesday, the government in the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic decided on a ceasefire. Yerevan supported this decision.

The Armenian publication Hraparak wrote that Baku has put forward preliminary demands for the opening of a humanitarian corridor from the unrecognized republic to Armenia. According to the publication, Azerbaijan first demands the extradition of former leaders and representatives of the military leadership of Nagorno-Karabakh and even handed over the relevant lists to Stepanakert.