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WATKINS, WILLIAM (fl. 1750-1762), a cleric in Breconshire and author

Name: William Watkins

Gender : Male

Occupation: cleric in Breconshire and author

Area of activity: Literature and Writing; Religion

Author: William Linnard

of the first published book on trees of Wales. He is on record as a pensioner at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, from June 1750 to 1754, but he regularly signed the registers of Hay as a curate assisting an absent vicar during 1750-52. He left Hay soon after his wife and daughter died there of smallpox in 1752, and published A Treatise on Forest-Trees (London, 1753), which is now a very rare book. In 1762 he was appointed vicar of Llaneleu, but no more is known about him.