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Konstantin Strukov

Full name Konstantin Strukov Ivanovich
Marital status Married, two children
Current status: $2800.0 million, Forbes, 2021.
Professional field/official position The co-owner and President of the CPC, Yucalsoloto Group of Companies, a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelabin Region.
Citezenship Russia
Date of Birth,place 10 September 1958, Dimitrovsky, Orenburg Region

Konstantin Strukov biography

Konstantin Strukov, born on 10 September 1958 in the Dimitrovo of the Ileka region of Orenburg, Russia.


  • 1980 – Graduated from the Magnito-Gorno-Methallurgical Institute of Technology and Integrated Mechanization of Underground Mining Development.
  • 2003 – defended a candidate ‘ s dissertation on the theme ” Improving the technology for the development of gold habitat at the high depths of the Kokkkar deposit ” .


  • 1980-1987 – worked at the enterprises of Kazakhstan and Bashkiria: a mining master, a chief of station, a chief engineer and a director of the mine.
  • November 1997- Director-General of the UO, Group of Companies.
  • June 2001 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Southern Group of Companies.
  • 2001 – and.o. Director General of the Celabin Coal Company.
  • 2002-2006 – Director-General of the Celabin Coal Company
  • 2007 – President of the OO ‘ s ” Supervisory Company of the UO ” Union Group of Companies ” .

Konstantin Strukov Public and political activities

Membership of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelabin Region.

Member of the Political Council of the Chelabin Regional Office of the Political Party ” United Russia ” .

Member of the Political Council of the Chelabin Regional Office of the Political Party ” United Russia ” .

Konstantin Strukov crimes

In 2001 “Chelyabinsk Coal Company” Plc. (hereafter “«CCC»”) was established, where Strukov became CEO. Soon there was a conflict between the company and its subsidiary – Korkinsky coal strip mine. Initially, this enterprise was a part of “Chelyabinskugol” Plc. 60% stake of the enterprise was transferred to “Chelyabinskugol” Plc. during corporatisation in 1994. However, it turned out that as for the agreement of 2003, the assets of Chelyabinskugol “were leased” by “Chelyabinsk Coal Company” Plc. with the right of redemption.

In the end of 2006, the conflict between Strukov and Vitaly Gorshkov flared. Both were the owners of Kuzbasspolimetall LLC. Strukov dismissed Gorshkov from his post as general director, after it became clear that the coal strip mine “Tagaryshsky” controlled by the company was in debts. In addition, Strukov found out that the main assets of the coal strip mine were transferred to the company “Energougol” owned by Gorshkov. In addition, the equipment of the mine was sold to “Energougol” and then immediately was leased to the mine. Gorshkov appealed to the Court of Arbitration, claiming that he was dismissed with a violation of the company charter.

Konstantin Strukov – United Russia deputy has been hiding mansions, a hotel, yachts worth 55 million euros in Montenegro for 15