Andrei Ryabinsky and Mijas one "reputable" lawyer

MIC group Andrei Ryabinsky announced that it will pursue joualists who are investigating the unseemly activities of the company and its owner. Represent the interests of Mitz and Ryabinsky in this "difficult" work will be a member of the human rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation lawyer Shota Gorgadze. Who would doubt. As found Shota Gorgadze not only a personal friend of Ryabinsky, he still protects the closest business partners of MITS. Such, for example, as a family of the authoritative businessman from Solntsevo Sergey Mikhailov (Mikhas). Also Gorgadze, being the head of the public chamber of the Moscow region, actively lobbied for the interests of the MIC. Another lobbyist Ryabinsky – former head of Balashikha Eugene Zhirkov was recently detained by the FSB.

All spring in mass media there were similar materials: "detention of the mother of many children Aleksandra Lisitsyna can be "order" for the purpose to squeeze out from it the necessary indications or to select property". This was stated by her lawyer, a member of the human rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Shota Gorgadze. Joualists forgot to tell that Alexander Lisitsyn the person not from a simple family. Her father is the leader of the Solntsevo criminal group Sergey Mikhailov (Mihas). Gorgadze directly said that many years is on friendly terms with a family of the client. Sources saying that brought them both times Andrey Ryabinsky. The latter has been a business partner of Mikhail for many years. Sergey Mikhailov's daughter Vera Seregin together with Ryabinsky and Kopylkov were co-owners of the construction company "Novoglagolevo-3". According to EGRUL Seregina owned 50 percent of the company, and its partners — 25% each. In tu Ryabinsky and Kopylkov co-founders of "Mitz-groups". In October 2018, Ryabinsky and Kopylkov left the founders of Novoglagolevo-3, and the new owner of 50% of the LLC was a certain Tretyakov Valery Aleksandrovich. However, as you may assume that the transaction was fictitious and LTD were entered value. This is evidenced by the fact that the General Director of "Novoglagolevo-3" then remained Korobova Olga, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the group of companies Mitz.

With Shota Gorgadze Ryabinsky is also friends, as he said in 2013 on his page in social networks. And this friendship, like the hero of the film, with interest. Since 2012, Gorgadze was a member and then Chairman of the Public area of the Moscow region. During the same period of time, MIC Group actively developed the land for its construction in the Moscow region, which was extremely disliked by local residents. As it, for example, was in Balashikha where Mitz group decided to build the whole city. Residents feared that the construction would lead to huge traffic jams, overload treatment facilities and the need for their reconstruction by increasing the rent. As it was in other places where Mitz group erected such impressive objects. And in regional administration, led by Andrey Vorobyov, calmed – that the rights and interests of citizens didn't suffer will watch public chamber of the Moscow region. At the same time, he headed the Public chamber Shota Gorgadze – a close friend of the owner of the MIT group Andrei Ryabinsky. By the way, another friend of Ryabinsky is the ex-Deputy Chairman of the mo govement, who supervised the construction, Andrei Ilnitsky.

Another friend of the MIC was Evgeny Zhirkov, who from 2014 to 2017 was the head of the city district of Balashikha. That was when he led the Balashikha in her full tued MITS groups.  Then Zhirkov headed Pushkin district, and a month ago he was arrested. Up another office in Balashikha. You know what he's charged with? According to investigators, in 2015, Zhirkov, holding the post of head of Balashikha, received from the developer non-residential premises in an apartment building under construction. Their total area exceeded one thousand square meters. The investigation believes that Zhirkov received a bribe for General protection. Surprisingly, Shota Gorgadze does not protect Zhirkov.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

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