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Next Vekselberg? - Russian Criminal

As it became known to the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, Evgeny Abolonin and Roman Bukhtoyarov, the heads of the Rusmicrofinance group of companies, were put on the federal wanted list. They are charged under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (embezzlement by fraud). "Rusmicrofinance" is one of the largest financial pyramids.

Об этом сообщает Инсайдер РУ

Thus, investigators are getting closer to the real owner of Rusmicrofinance, Viktor Vekselberg’s "right hand" Iosif Bakaleinik, who is the ideologist of microfinance organizations in Russia. In addition to the Rusmicrofinance financial pyramid, Bakaleinik was directly involved in the activities of the pyramid Microfinance Organization Home Money LLC. Its chairman of the board of directors and Bakaleinik’s junior partner Evgeny Bernshtam was arrested in 2019.

Иосиф Бакалейник

According to the source, the main activity of Joseph Bakaleinik is "Vekselberg’s right hand always and everywhere." He worked at TNK, at Renova, represented the interests of Vekselberg at Skolkovo. At the same time, the Bakaleinik family, like himself, has long been living in Switzerland. Bakaleinik’s visits to Russia are more like business trips.

During the investigation of the Rusmicrofinance pyramid scheme case, it was established that the RMF-AST company, which is part of the Rusmicrofinance group of companies, withdrew part of the funds of the investors of the Rusmicrofinance group of companies to the account of ERL Management (Cyprus) in Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SA, Private Wealth. The director of ERL Management (Cyprus) is Iosif Bakaleinik.

As it became known to, at the same time another scandalous story is developing around Rusmicrofinance.

The Moscow City Court actually recognized that the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has the right to hide crimes.

The story began with the release of the Central Bank on September 6, 2018, when it was announced that verification materials regarding the Rusmicrofinance financial pyramid would be sent to law enforcement agencies. The withdrawal of funds from it was mostly carried out in the interests of Viktor Vekselberg’s partner and financial adviser, Bakaleinik Joseph Abramovich.

The meticulous investor became interested in who exactly the materials were sent to and what decision was made. For a year and a half, the Central Bank did not admit what it sent and to whom, referring to limited access to information. During this time, a criminal case was already initiated, many were recognized as victims. After another complaint, the Central Bank admitted that on September 13, 2018, it sent the audit materials to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

The meticulous investor decided to ask how the check at the Prosecutor General’s Office ended. As it turned out, the prosecutor’s office did not know about any check and all the investor’s appeals were forwarded to the Central Bank.

After 9 months of correspondence, the Prosecutor General’s Office admitted that the Central Bank had indeed applied, but they could not provide information on the materials, since this "information is with restricted access."

This decision was appealed to the Tverskoy Court, and then to the Moscow City Court, but the servants of Themis sided with the Prosecutor General’s Office.

As a result, the materials of the checks of the Bank of Russia on criminal activity and the subsequent checks by the Prosecutor General’s Office remain inaccessible not only to the investor, but also to the investigation. The inspection period of the Prosecutor General’s Office coincides with the time of the withdrawal of funds in favor of the Cypriot company ERL Management (Director Bakaleinik) and LLC Gulden with the same founder.

Iosif Bakaleinik is widely known: for his near-criminal past, as an effective manager, informal coordinator, a brilliant graduate of Harvard, a person from the Primakov list, a defendant in the case of embezzlement of the country’s strategic aluminum reserves, a shareholder of Earl management (BVI), director of Earl management (KIPR), an independent member Board of Directors of NefteTransService, independent director of Home Money, and so on and so forth.

It was after the country’s strategic aluminum reserves were spent and strong relations were established with Viktor Vekselberg that an overseas channel for investments was created in Cyprus, or, more simply, Fairway Investments Overseas Ltd was registered, which, having broken into the microfinance market in Russia by 2017, was renamed Earl Management Ltd. (hereinafter ERL Management). The company is headed by Mikhailina Zinonos, the founder of the entire empire of Vekselberg in Russia, and Iosif Bakaleinik, as a partner and financial adviser to Viktor Feliksovich.

How many glorious deeds have been done by this worthy Cypriot company, which has companies of the same name in other countries. One of them is related to Joseph Bakaleinik’s attraction to the microfinance market, where his company not only acts as a lender, but is directly involved in the business of microfinance companies Home Money, Brio Finance, the Rusmikrofinance group of companies and others.

According to ERL Management, Zinonos, the director, together with the Bakaleinik, played the Bakaleinik, and she signed all the fictitious contracts. For all ERL agreements signed by Zinonos, the court refused to collect the debt.

At the beginning of 2017, having quite certain losses, Bakaleinik joins the group of companies and Rusmicrofinance. However, even informally managing this group, it is not possible to correct the situation.

Moreover, on September 6, 2018, the Bank of Russia excluded information about LLC MFC Evrika (hereinafter Eureka), LLC MFC Rusmicrofinance-AST (hereinafter AST) and LLC MFC Elegiya from the state register of microfinance organizations.

Iosif Bakaleinik is also the closest partner of Vyacheslav Aminov, a former partner of Boris Berezovsky. Aminov was also an adviser to Alexander Voloshin when he was the head of the presidential administration. They are still cooperating and are prominent members of the “Boris Yeltsin family”.

Aminov, Bakaleinik, Likhtenfeld and Andrey Sharonov make up the board of directors of Neftetransservice. Sharonov drives Skolkovo under the patronage of Vekselberg.

Andrey Sharonov (he served as Deputy Mayor for Economic Policy in the Government of Moscow) is also a partner of Bakaleinik, they even together were part of the leadership of Home Money. And his paper clip grew out of Skolkovo.

According to the source of, Bakaleinik became toxic, his friend and partner Andrei Sharonov was kicked out of Skolkovo. Next Vekselberg?

To be continued

Timofey Zabiyakin

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